ACM Limited
Investment platform with regional and international reputable partners licensed for brokerage and asset management services to HNWI clients in Abu Dhabi
About us
ACM Limited has established a division in the UAE to manage HNWI assets and work with partners from all over the world

the company
was founded
in Abu Dhabi Global Market

Regulated by 
UAE Law,
the jurisdiction of ADGM
accountable to ADGM
Financial Services
Regulatory Authority

Over 800 million
The advantages of investing in ADGM
High sovereign rating
Reference Banking Regulation
Optimal platform for long-term planning
The highest level of banking service
  1. High priority for Private Banking, Wealth Management and Asset Management
  2. Sophisticated financial service sector
  3. Close cooperation with other financial centers
Well-balanced expertise and solutions provided by a range of experts
Professional Asset Management
Investment and careful portfolio structuring
Personalised service 24/7, customised to the client’s specific goals and needs
Diversification of portfolio allocation and asset management
  1. Worldwide capabilities thanks to our location in the United Arab Emirates
  2. Integrity and transparency
  3. Internationally top-ranked investment company

Our philosophy
To work with our clients we choose:
Jurisdictions in which the investor is most protected
A model in which we have common interests with the client, since the remuneration of an independent manager depends on the financial result of the client

  1. We place our customers at the very heart of everything we do
  2. We strive to enhance our experience and capabilities
  3. We work tirelessly to create the best and sustainable outcomes for our customers
  4. We are committed to honest and ethical conduct
  5. We are aware of our social responsibility and contribute to welfare projects
  6. Trust-based relationship with our partners and customers

Investment approach that targets the creation of a low volatility portfolio with a stable and predictable result
ACM Limited acts as Independent Manager
The most reliable place to store assets, hedge risks, receive objective and independent recommendations. We understand the needs of our customers: taking the best from UAE banks, we have added an individual approach
What do we offer?
Opening and managing an account in a foreign bank
Help with
  1. structuring assets and managing them through an investment insurance policy
  2. preparing the infrastructure for effective asset management
Alternative investments
Unit 608, 6/F, Al Sarab Tower, ADGM Square, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE